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“We can still show them a performance benefit over competitive products. “Slower swing speed players tend to sweep and barely take divots, so the wider sole provides the forgiveness that player is lookin. ” We’ve said it before – the existence of a high priced brand doesn’t mean a lower-priced alternative is eliminated. The MP1000 shaft has a flex in the butt which allows the club to pass closer to the body and decrease the forces that affect the golfer’s balance. The driver is paired with the lightweight MP900 Carbon shaft.

The XXIO 9 Driver is paired with the lightweight MP900 Carbon shaft. XXIO Eleven Irons feature a double undercut cavity that dramatically increases flexibility on contact for explosive ball speed xxio mp900 driver review on xxio mp900 driver review every iron shot. Yes, there are some weight savings, but Brunski says there’s a more practical reason. The XXIO 9 Driver is one the most powerful drivers on the market today that is made by a company that you may have never of before. · XXIO review Eleven Men’s and Ladies officially launch in North America on Janu, at a MAP of 9.

XXIO’s very own Dual Speed technology xxio mp900 driver review feature originated from the combination of an ultra-light we. Well the first place to start is with the pronunciation, it is ZECK-SEE-OH, and it is the xxio premium priced brother brand of Srixon and Cleveland, under Dunlop Sports Co. However, for the xxio mp900 driver review money, you’d expect better performance in our Most Wanted testing. xxio mp900 driver review XXIO X xxio is, for lack of a better term, a gateway drug into XXIO world.

· XXIO (pronounced zek-si-oh), xxio mp900 driver review the No. 99, the fairway 9. Carbon fiber crowns are a thing with drivers, but the X features a large chunk of carbon fiber in the sole. From its initiation in, it has been the number 1 golf brand in Japan for the past 18 years. The common thread was that the golfer was not familiar with XXIO, tried the driver, and ended up buying one.

The silver matte face wraps around the body, creating a strong visual reference point for alignmentat address. What do you get for that kind of money? “PXG is a tour brand and not at all designed for the type of player XXIO is.

Shop for Used XXIO 9 Driver - 10. This driver has an integrated 7g plaque weight placed at the lower back of the club sole which increases the weight of sole and generates a lower center of gravity helping you to drive the ball higher and longer when on the tee box. The 11 driver also features what XXIO calls Star Frame, a unique internal rib structure to support a xxio sole that’s less than half a millimeter thick. In fact, if your driver swing speed is greater xxio mp900 driver review than 95 mph, the XXIO USA website advises you to check out another brand – a refreshingly xxio mp900 driver review honest approach. On the lower end of moderate, 79 mph and below, XXIO offers their Prime series of clubs including the driver reviewed here. 5 degree, Regular or Senior flex): 9.

Although it was difficult to feel where the club was at all times, the smooth profile of the shaft and balanced weighting allowed me to deliver the c. The designers tuned the cavity so the sound is very consistentacross the face. A low and deep centre of gravity helps to get the ball airborne more easily. Courtesy For the second installment of ClubTest, we tested and reviewed 57 new iron models to xxio mp900 driver review help you find the right one for your game. The least accurate day of driving in my testing.

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Shop xxio mp900 driver review xxio mp900 driver review The Sweetest Spot In Golf! When I tested last year’s models I knew very little about XXIO, and xxio mp900 driver review that provided me with an eye xxio xxio mp900 driver review opening experience. That, however, may be due to the fact our slower swing speed testers don’t re. Sorry lefties, XXIO X is available in right-handed models only. Amid all the moaning, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, XXIO isn’t xxio mp900 driver review going to apologize. The XXIO 9 Driver has a low-density, super-tix wing cup face that allows a moderate swing speed to transfer more energy to the mp900 ball. Used XXIO 9 Driver in Very Good Condition - 9.

While striking a shot, mp900 you will experience the instant acceleration of the ball. xxio mp900 driver review 99; Fairway Woods (15 degree 3, 18 degree 5, 21 degree 7): 9. What lofts does the Nissan xxio 9 driver have? Golf Equipment, Apparel & Accessories At The Lowest Prices Around. XXIO Eleven driver review, photos and more: ClubTest.

Some of xxio mp900 driver review the custom carbon fiber xxio mp900 driver review used in those shafts just aren’t found xxio mp900 driver review anywhere else in golf. Also adding to the distance equation with increased club head speedis the new extremely lightweight, xxio mp900 driver review 39 gram, SP-1000 shaft. . As the third pillar of the Cleveland-Srixon-XXIO family of golf products, XXIO is xxio mp900 driver review dedicated to discerning golfers with moderate swing speeds.

The lofts on X are most definitely strong – firmly in the player’s distance category with a 29-degree 7-iron. Reviews ··· Write a review xxio mp900 driver review ··· Ask a question. This allows XXIO to design a complete club, producing a feel that is seamless. “But stiffening the rear of xxio mp900 driver review the club has some ball speed benefits, and the weight we are saving is being spread wider, which helps MOI.

· The XXIO 9 driver also features the company’s Wing Cup Face and the heaviest head in XXIO history. There’s a lot going on with the sole in terms of lines, mp900 colors and finishes, but it all works together beautifully. We xxio mp900 driver review want the XXIO to sound softer and be more in tune with the market. ” The X driver weighs in at 299 grams and features the Miyazaki mp900 AX-1 shaft in both stiff and regular. XXIO Metal Woods. XXIO offers a variety of flexes available for the 9 Driver which is regular, stiff, and extra stiff. XXIO pronounced Zek-Si-Oh has been making the news a lot since I reviewed their X Fairway Wood.

If the prices sound PXG-ish, you would also be correct – the new XXIO X driver sells for 9. Four hybrids are available in 18-, 20-, 23- and 26-degree lofts. For optimum weight distribution in the head, the XXIO designers moved the hosel in from the heel xxio mp900 driver review which allowed them to position the 6 xxio mp900 driver review gram golden weight pod deep and low. XXIO Eleven Driver Introducing the NEW XXIO Eleven Driver. XXIO golf clubs are one of the xxio most technologically review advanced clubs in the world. The XXIO X Driver is a club you appreciate even xxio mp900 driver review more when you see it in person. There is quite a variety of lofts you can get choose from with the xxio mp900 driver review XXIO 9 Driver. It has a 460cc titanium club head that weighs 272g and it’s 45.

5-degree drivers for both lefties and righties. XXIO xxio 9 Driver Detailed Review Design and Technology. 5-piece iron construction uses a rolled titanium cup face and high-density tungsten weights to produce a higher launch angle, increasing your distance on every iron shot. “XXIO X is for golfers who may be reluctant to look at XXIO, or is simply too big of a jump from what they’ve been playing,” says Brunski. XXIO X Lightweight Clubs For Skilled xxio mp900 driver review Players Bringing lightweight design to the player’s category, X enhances speed and distance xxio for mid to low handicap golfers.

“The faces themselves are plenty flexible, and we can get right to the COR limit in the center,” says Brunski. · “First Impressions” Review – XXIO Eleven Irons Febru Octo / Until The Next Tee One of the biggest reasons that I attend the PGA Show every year is because it gives me a chance to see and swing equipment from brands that I don’t see too often. 99 for the XXIO Eleven Hybrids, 9. Who makes xxio drivers?

The head and shaft of XXIO 9 Driver consecutively weighs 197g and 41g. Designed to be ultra-lightweight to maximize ball speed for moderate swing speed golfers, the XXIOPrime Driver is super forgiving and consistent. The luxurious finish on the shaft fades from a dark cherry to almost black. · XXIO is not a brand too many golfers will be overly familiar with. The tone changes ever so slightly depending on the ball type – range ball to premium cover. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Xxio xxio mp900 driver review Men&39;s Xxio9 Drivers Mp900 mp900 Graphite Regular Right 10.

The metallic blue crown has xxio mp900 driver review a deep finish that changes with the light. 99 mp900 and hybrid 9. What is xxio prime driver? The consistency on distance with the XXIO Prime Driver was the best I’ve ever recorded. The shaft features advanced materials by Toray made for aerospace applications. Every ball I hit launched with a beautiful high trajectory.

XXIO9 Fairway woods. My previous driver only carried xxio mp900 driver review the ball to 245 and rolled to 250. And don’t confuse thisXXIO X with the XXIO X of two years ago. ” I can attest to all three attributes. Optimized for golfers with moderate swing speeds, the XXIOX Driver combines high quality materials and focused design for impressive, consistent results. Both XXIO X xxio mp900 driver review and XXIO 11 share considerable DNA, so much of the X story also applies to the lighter-weight XXIO 11. .

xxio mp900 driver review By focusing on golfers with moderate xxio mp900 driver review swing speeds, XXIO can direct all their energies towards producing a few exceptional clubs rather than umpteen different models. “The better player, the higher swing speed player, tends to have a steeper attack mp900 angle,” says Brunski. We will match any Internet Authorized Dealer&39;s best price on the XXIO 9 Driver. It incorporates a light weight and low-density titanium crown which allows more weight to be relocated to other areas.

The X Driver is the 10thgeneration but as XXIO states: “The core concepts of the XXIO series haven’t changed since the first generation—distance, forgiveness, and xxio mp900 driver review an exhilarating impact sound. The XXIO X also has a carbon composite structure on the sole fo the club to better distribute weight toward the xxio mp900 driver review back for higher MOI. Although my swing speed was above that recommended by XXIOfor the Prime Series, the performance of the driver was still impressive. One xxio mp900 driver review thing to know about XXIO is that they design and manufacture all the components in-house. 5 inches in length. Those solid strikes had a wonderful mid-high trajectory with good roll out and seemed to be going where I aimed. This driver is consistent, however the standard regular shaft is a little bit too whippy for me. 5-degree non-adjustable lofts, along with 15-, 18- and 20-degree fairway woods.

Satisfaction Guaranteed · Gift Cards Available. It’s not a Zero-Sum game. The sound of the XXIO X Driver at impact is that of a large metal hammer striking an anvil. XXIO Eleven driver. The titanium alloy face isn’t used anywhere else in the industry. The 11 Ladies line is in right-handed only, with four drivers xxio mp900 driver review (10. Devoid of adjustability, the mp900 driver maintains a sleek, simple formfrom every angle.

Compare xxio mp900 driver review Color, Weight, Release Date, Brand and other characteristics. Counterweighting isn’t new – XXIO isn’t claiming otherwise – but Brunski says adding a counterweight to an already ultra-high balance point club makes it feel even lighter. mp900 mp900 I don’t have any quantitative. Free Shipping on Orders Over .

The blue MP1000 shaft pairs seamlessly with the head. The head shape is non-symmetrical, yet the curvature is very pleasing to the eyes. First hit straight and carried the ball 250 yards on an inclined slope.

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